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The Persuasive Wizard | How Technical Experts Sell Their Ideas

Order now.  Go to the special siteWizard.  The book book may also be ordered through Amazon.com for $12.95 or through national booksellers Baker and Taylor, or Ingram.  Kindle e-version available for $7.45.

Whether you are a degreed engineer or just a tinkerer, whether you plan to address the supervisor or the president, whether you expect to request a thousand dollars or one-hundred million, whether you are on the sending end or the receiving end, you need the secrets of

The Persuasive Wizard: How Technical Experts Sell Their Ideas to Non-technical Decision Makers


“I can’t think of anyone more qualified to write on the subject”

Dr. Terry Heil, Senior Executive, Raytheon Company

“Readers of this book stand to gain insight from a master.”

Jeffrey K. Harris, Former Director, National Reconnaissance Office

“This is a welcome and long overdue book”

Frank Anderson, Former CIA Operations Officer

“Dr. Givens has a unique ability to distill complex technical subjects into simple terms easily understood by laymen or business executives.”

Barry M. Barlow, Department of Defense Presidential Rank Award Recipient



“How do I convince my boss to give me a promotion?”

“How do I persuade entrepreneurs to invest in my idea?”

“How do I make a technology presentation to the president of my company?”

“I get nervous when I am asked non-technical questions.”

“I understand technology, but I am unable to comunicate those ideas to anyone but my peers.”

“All the books are written by people who know nothing about technology. They do not know the special problems we technologists, scientists, and engineers face.”


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