What Problem Does It Solve?

“We wizards just want to do our jobs, but instead we are ripped from our computers, dressed up smartly and dumped unprepared in a room full of executives we never heard of nor had any reason to know. We are expected to explain in minutes what required years to formulate, expected to use foreign words like “margins” and “returns” to explain concepts we understand only by algorithms and equations. And we blunt, factual wizards are told we must do this without stepping on any toes, rocking any boats, or perturbing the equilibrium of any wheeled vehicles toting apples.”

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What Is Unique About This Book?

“No other author brings together such a broad and deep triad of technology education and experience, business planning and development, and domestic and international high-level persuasion.”

“This is a worldwide phenomenon, that the titans of invention should be the pygmies of communication. This innateness transcends age, gender, language, race, and locale. It stymies the high and the low. It plagues science, engineering, mathematics, medicine, computer science, telecom, software, theater, and the thousands of other occupations where these wizards ply their trade. In short, technologists are poor communicators.”





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